New Updates!!

Deep Integration with Airtable Launched! 🚀

30 Apr 2022

We’ve just launched our airtable deep integration. Now work seamlessly and more smoothly between Remote Teams and AirTable.

New Slack Bots for Task Assignment Workflow ✔☀️

5th Apr 2022

Users can now simple tell their bot to create the project and tasks and then the bot will also assign the tasks to the relevant memebers of the team.

Launched 2 new Slack Bots.🎌

26th Mar 2022

Reminder assistance and Planning assistance bots launched by us today to help your team work remotely more effectively.

Workflows launched 🎿🎿

18th Feb 2022

Our biggest feature yet - workflows - complete and ready to be used. We plan to refine this feature every few weeks and also add new workflows.

Fixed 3 bugs in Gantt Charts 🐛

5th Jan 2022

We were facing some bugs in the front end gantt chart components. We have now gone ahead and fixed them. Here’s to a smoother gantt charts experience 🥂

Our Task Follow Up Bot Launched ⏱️

21st Dec 2021

Automate your followups with your team with the help of our task follow up bot. Go ahead and use it - it’s now available on Slack, Discord and your Remote Teams dashboard.

We’re Now Integrated With Zapier 🏅

12th Nov 2021

All the tools that you love using are now integrated with Remote Teams. After many requests to be able to build custom workflows, we’ve gone ahead and integrated with zapier so you can be 10x more productive.

We exited Alpha today 💯

3rd Nov 2021

We’ve been in alpha for quite some time now, testing, fixing and buildig basic stability. We’re stoked to announce that we’re now entering Beta 😀

Onboarded 10 new teams to Remote Teams ✨🎉

23rd Oct 2021

In just a week’s time, 10 new tech teams that work remotely have been onboarded onto Remote Teams. We wish them luck and 100x productivity on our platform.

Lauching Time Trackers ⏰🏹

12th Sep 2021

Project Managers and Product Owners need to track time and related expenses of their teams. We’ve now launched a feature that helps them do exactly that.

Discord Bots for Better Productivity 🤖

4th Aug 2021.

We’ve always been on Slack but have recently started seeing the immense value that comes by being part of the discord network. We’re glad to announce that we’re on Discord as well.